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Swede Ship has a long tradition in shipbuilding with 120 years of history. Deliveries to the Coast Guard and the Navy started back in 1937, welding in aluminum in the 1950’s and production in composite materials in 1979.

The group consist of three modern and highly specialized shipyards, Swede Ship Marine, Swede Ship Composite and Swede Ship Yachtservice, all situated on the west coast of Sweden.

All materials, steel, aluminum and composite are handled by the group. Service is offered att all locations. With an in-house engineering department new designs are made for all types of vessels as well as customization of designs and converions of existing ships.

Each design is a platform that can be transformed into other applications. Swede Ship has a close cooperation with a number of ship owners and organizations such as several Sea Rescue Societies, Navies, Maritime administrations, Police, Ferry operators and many more to develop vessels to their exact needs.

Swede Ship Sublift AB ( is part of the Swede Ship group making the Sublift self-propelled submersible boat hoists.

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